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These Ostracods Golden are a pretty yellow color and our favorite species in terms of coloration. Ostracods are sometimes called seed shrimp. These small, aquatic, freshwater crustaceans measure about a millimeter in length and are offered here in a group of approximately 50+ specimens for $10.

They are detritivores, feeding on decomposing organic matter in the water and work as a clean up crew in the tank. They are prolific breeders and water beetles and small predatory aquatic hemipterans will pick them off as food too. They are also an important food for our aquatic insect larvae.

You might consider setting up a separately breeding colony of them in a gallon container. To learn more about “resurrection jars” watch this Father Fish demo here: Master Aquarist Secret For Growing Live Food in Your Aquarium – YouTube


See more info on Wikipedia

More photos on Bugguide.net

Note video below shows our other species of ostracod (not as yellow).



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