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A Jerusalem cricket pet is unthinkable for many people who view them as nocturnal monsters that strike fear in their hearts.

Unsexed specimens only.

In Mexico they are known as Niño de la Tierra, which means Child of the Earth. They are known in some areas of the country as Potato Bugs which probably reflects their occurrence in areas where potatoes and other crops are grown. Potato bugs is a horrible name since it is applied to many bugs in this country, some of them native and some of them non-native (like the potato itself). That they are better known as Jerusalem crickets isn’t really much better, but the explanation if you can find it online is a better one! Words are almost as interesting as bugs. There just aren’t nearly as many of them.

J crickets are generally long-lived compared with the more familiar pet store crickets. A couple years is generally expected although ours vary in size and age and age is never known, sorry. They feed well on bits of apple, carrot, and dried pet foods (and, yes, potatoes). Is there anything they don’t eat? They tolerate dryness but like a slightly moist substrate. They will burrow if given room to.

Specimens sometimes have partial antennae and a missing toe or two may also occur. These may regenerate through subsequent molts if the specimen isn’t mature (which we can’t always tell with certainty).

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