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Update: 01/10/2024. (Will continue to update this page in coming days) Reservations will open in March of 2024 for the June to September season. This year we’ll be doing things a little bit differently. In years 2022 and 2023, we devoted our entire summers to hosting people and taking them on all day and late into the night adventures for 3 nights, and providing all meals. These were busy, rigid events that required all guests to be on the same “adventure page,” and that meant strict times to get into the passenger van in the morning and late-night returns. Everybody had fun, but not everybody has the same idea of a “vacation.”

And so, in summer of 2024 we are running a modified version to offer a more flexible experience for people. We will still host guests here at the property, but won’t be taking them out on tours. We will, however, run bug lights on the property every night and, truth is, this property has amazing bugs and on rainy nights in the mountains this was often a back up plan during normal years, anyway! Read more…

2024 Offering: This year we will be offering our guest rooms out to people interested in bugs. Booking will open in March for the late June through mid-September bug season. Each night we will run our special bug lights for our guests where they can come and go as please with access to their rooms and bathrooms near at hand. Guests will be expected to provide their own transportation and food.

We are located 45 minutes SE of the Tucson International Airport in Sonoita, Arizona. Sonoita is situated in the middle of the very best area of the United States for seeing wildlife, including bugs of course! From this central point you can visit all of the best Sky Islands within a 2 hour drive in various directions. These Madrean Pine-Oak Woodlands are biodiversity hotspots and the desert valleys between them are rich in unique desert plants and animals. Experience the bugs, reptiles, birds, plants, desert mammals, as you move through multiple life zones from desert floor to mountain tops. July-Sept is monsoon and you can expect a whole lotta sunshine and perhaps some monsoon rains events. Even the weather here is adventurous! Please review our suggestions below for places to visit during the day.

Instructions for Sky Island Adventures Booking (when open):

Scroll through the calendar above to see the currently available nights. Don’t forget to enter the number of persons in your party (above the calendar). After you click “check availability,” if your slot of 3 days/nights and number of people requested are available, it will be added to your shopping cart (upper right of screen). After you go through checkout and click “request confirmation,” I will review your request and contact you via email for payment (as described below). During checkout, the shopping cart will reflect your check-in date for a period of 3 days/3 nights with check-in (always) on a Thursday and check-out on a Sunday morning. Please read on, but do not hesitate to email me with any questions. I only opened this up on 1/27 and so I’m just crossing my fingers I set it up correctly (I’m just a bug guy, not a techie), but don’t worry, you won’t be charged during checkout. This is just a reservation request process, but I will be contacting you back same-day to make sure you’re fully ready to move forward! Also, “if” you get to this page and the four weeks outlined below are all taken, rest assured I will be opening up more weeks for these wonderful months. Please email me if you think I need to open up more weeks. I sleep sometimes and crazy things happen with inventory overnight. 😉

Where: Our guest houses are located in SE Arizona in the middle of the famous Sky Islands, in a town called Sonoita at 5000 ft of elevation where our hottest month of June averages a mere 91 degrees. Expect to see some rain as monsoon season = bug season!

Booking Cost: To be determined

Rooms: We have three rooms available and each of them have triple bunk beds. A triple bunk bed in this case is a stack of 3 bunk beds and each mattress in this stack of 3 is a “full” sized mattress, sometimes called a “double.” (they are wider than twins but smaller than queens).

Each room has air conditioning.

Small refrigerators and microwaves included in all units.

Visitors will be offered more targeted information on arrival, but these are some of our favorite places radiating out from the central point that Sonoita is…

Chiricahua Mountains: Under 2 hours to visitor center
Turkey Creek, Chiricahua Mountains 1 hr 20 min
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson 1 hr 11 min
Saguaro National Park West, Tucson 1 hr 9 min
Saguaro National Park East, Tucson 47 min
Mt Lemmon Hwy, Santa Catalina Mountains 1 hr 4 min
Pena Blanca Lake, Ruby Road, Pajarito Mountains 58 min
Montezuma Pass, Huachuca Mountains: 1 hr 9 min
Ramsey Canyon Preserve, Huachuca Mountains: 50 min
Miller Canyon, Huachuca Mountains: 47 min
Madera Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains: 50 min
Box Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains: 34 min
Patagonia Lake State Park: 27 min
Paton Hummingbird Center in Patagonia: 15 min
Wine Country: Sonoita is Arizona’s oldest viticultural area! Click here

Please note that the video below reflects the way we ran the business in 2022 and 2023, taking people around on adventures. You can expect to see many of these same things on your day adventures, as well as at our bug lights that we have set up on the property, each night during your stay.



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