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Bugs In Cyberspace provides live pet insects, arachnids, and other live bugs to zoos, museums, universities, and classrooms across the country. We have been an online informational resource for passionate pet bug hobbyists everywhere since 1997. 

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Look and you will find an undiscovered world in your own backyard. I can find an insect or spider or other bugs I've never seen before almost every time I go outdoors. So can you! The world is a very interesting place where as few as 10% of organisms are even named. Behaviors specific to each species and interactions among various organisms within environments form ecosystems more complex than the sum total of all potential human imagination. Nature is a perfect system where even synthetic materials are eventually reabsorbed.

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-Peter Clausen

~Endless curiosity in a world of infinite diversity


2/21/24: We ship with confidence, year-round! Free heat packs included in every order now through April.

Back on 2/22/24...ivory millipedes, bumblebee millipedes and several others millipede species. Also, whipspiders (tailless whipscorpions), two more species of centipedes and more!

Sooo many amazing aquatic insects and I'm starting to work on an aquatic insect care guide page and making videos to support this new sector of the hobby!

Budwing mantises, pink feather boa millipedes, Hellburnt diabolical ironclad beetles, sawtooth millipedes.

Captive-bred Regal Jumping Spiders are still in stock! 

New product...Live Daphnia and Ostracod Culture Kit!

Click the picture below to watch our second video about setting up an aquatic insect dirted tank, as we begin to support the new aquatic insect sector of the hobby!