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Living Shipments FedEx Overnight at $40

Review our shipping schedule below. Overnight is a reference to time in transit, not "when" your order ships or delivers. FedEx Overnight is required for all shipments containing living items during these hotter summer months. If your weather is hotter than 84 degrees please request that it be held at your local FedEx building in the order notes or in a follow up email. If you have a preferred location, let us know. We are happy to send you a list of the five closest pick up (including "FedEx Onsite" locations in Walgreens, etc.) locations to you. Please note that FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes. Please also note that FedEx drivers temporarily have the power to leave packages w/o signature as a policy due to COVID and so we expect our customers to keep a very careful eye on tracking and delivery! For this reason and in all cases we require that you notify us within an hour of delivery if there are any health issues with specimens. The only exception to this is if you request that we have it held at a FedEx pick up facility (including Walgreens with "FedEx Onsite"). It is a risky business to be in and we put some share of the responsibility for the lives of the things we ship on you. You will receive a tracking number and know our shipping days. Contact us immediately if you don't get a tracking number on the expected day.

Please don't write notes in PayPal. We won't see them. We provide free ice packs or heat packs, as needed.

Priority Mail $14 for NON-LIVING Shipments ONLY

Only use this shipping option for orders that contain non-living products. If you select this shipping option and living material is in your order, it will be refunded MINUS any paypal fees that were taken by the 3rd party company that moves money from your account to ours. We're sorry to do this but tons of people choose this wrong shipping option each week and it adds up quickly.

Shipping Schedule:

In an effort to avoid weekend delivery issues, we do not ship Thursday through Sunday and so all orders placed Wednesday to Sunday will ship the following week. We ship on Mon, Tue & Wed on the basis of weather, when you place the order, and our workflow. You will see a tracking number via the email address you place your order with (sometimes your PayPal address) when we ship.

If you have special requests, please ask. US Holidays may affect shipping days.


Tracking Numbers

are sent via email when we create your shipping label, and again a second time automatically after we ship. Check your spam/junk folder. You know our shipping days. We will not be held responsible for you not receiving your tracking number and missing your delivery. Check your spam/junk folder. You know you ordered LIVING material. If you don’t see your tracking number when you think you should and based on our shipping schedule, write us immediately! Don't depend on the delivery company to call you even if you requested that they do. You are given as much information as you need to responsibly watch the progress and delivery of your living shipment.


If you write in to cancel your order prior to shipping we will not refund the 3rd party paypal/credit card transaction fees. Your order will be refunded minus the 1 to $3 (on average) that these companies take in processing your order and sending the money to our account. No exceptions, sorry.

DOA's (Dead on Arrival)

Updated 6/16/21. DOA’s are rare. An email informing us about dead specimens or health issues is required within the FIRST HOUR after home deliveries (later in the day is okay if you choose the "hold at FedEx" for pick up option). A photo of the specimen(s) in question is required. Credit or more likely refund will be issued at our discretion. Due to the cost of shipping these days and the average order being comparatively low, along with the nature of the products being alive and requiring expensive shipping, sending replacements is no longer an option, sorry. You have been made aware of this prior to ordering living specimens and through ordering you necessarily accept these terms of service. We ship lots of bugs for lots of years now. Our reputation and reviews across the forums and boards are excellent. Accidents do happen, but we continue to ship our unique products with confidence.

Consumer Agreement

While pictures typically represent the adult version of a species, most available specimens are shipped as nymphs, spiderlings, or various other immature stages. Sizes are noted on the website where applicable.

By ordering through this website you agree to our Terms of Service on this page. Each customer is required to check a box as they are going through checkout stating their agreement with the terms of service on this page.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We ship only within the US, excluding HI and PR. International customers please visit BugzUK.com

We enjoy being a resource to our nation's educators, scientists, and enthusiasts for a diversity of arthropod species. I put this website up in 1997 and it has been my life's pleasure to be of service to a community I love.