Dead Insect Collection

A much larger selection of Dead Insects are available at

We offer dead insects (class Insecta) and well as other dead specimens of arthropods (classes: arachnids, centipedes, millipedes, and some crustaceans). Specimens are kept in the freezer. They ship, stacked, between layers of toilet paper in portion cups (small deli cups).

The specimens represented on this section of the site represent only a fraction of what we have and can get. Listed are the popular $2 or so bugs that most folks order for school collections, etc. Please feel free to contact us with your special requests. We’re not taxonomists but we like to play them on TV. We do not currently offer pinning/mounting services. We sell cheap, mostly “backyard” type bugs similar to those found in “cosmopolitan” (urban/city) areas, and mostly to parents of children that have no interest in looking for bugs for school projects, etc. Buggin’ ain’t for everybody, I guess! Questions?

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