Dead Insect Collection for School



At some point, many students have to put together a dead insect collection for school.

*Contact me to purchase more than the first 10 specimens for the current availability list.

All specimens sold through this page are common insects collected in the United States–no spiders, centipedes, millipedes, etc. All specimens sold through this page are dead. They are kept frozen or in alcohol to maintain the freshest possible state. They are NOT the typical ancient, brittle specimens that fall apart though some drying may occur during shipping. They ship between soft layers of toilet paper, packed in plastic cups and inside a box. If you’re not ready to use them upon delivery, simply place the entire box in the freezer. We do not guarantee antennae to stay attached to the specimens during shipping but do our best to protect these moderately fragile items.

Choose collection size in the dropdown menu (10 piece, 15, 20, 30) by ticking the little box for Insect Collection Size. Every specimen sold will be in a different insect Family. For a discussion on insect classification including Order, Family, Genus, Species, see here.

Our collections consist of the following specimens. If you order the 10 count insect collection, you’ll get the first 10 bugs in this list. If you order the 15 piece, you’ll receive the first 15 in the list, and so on.

Revised 08/17/2023

First 10 includes ten insect specimens that are in ten different Orders, which also means you get ten different species in ten different Families. Base 10 piece collection costs $25.

Honeybee (Hymenoptera)
Ground Beetle (Coleoptera)
Stink Bug (Hemiptera)
Noctuid Moth (Lepidoptera)
Earwig (Dermaptera)
Lacewing (Neuroptera)
House Fly (Diptera)
Grasshopper (Orthoptera)
Mantis (Mantodea)
Cockroach (Blattodea)

Ordering the 15 Piece adds the following five specimens (for a total of 15 different Families of specimens):

Ant (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Backswimmer (Hemiptera, Notonectidae)
Butterfly (Lepidoptera, varies)
Bottle Fly (Diptera)
Ladybug (Coleoptera)

Ordering the 20 piece collection adds the following five specimens (bringing an 11th Order to the mix, and now 20 different Families).

Flea (Siphonaptera)
Weevil (Coleoptera)
Geometer Moth (Lepidoptera)
Paper Wasp (Hymenoptera)
Soldier Fly (Diptera)

Finally, ordering the 30 count collection adds the following ten specimens (includes 12th Order and 30 diff Families of insects).

Leafhopper (Hemiptera)
Treehopper (Hemiptera)
Click Beetle (Coleoptera)
Scarab Beetle (Coleoptera)
Termite (Blattodea, some texts may list it as Order Isoptera)
Webspinner (Embioptera)
Fruit Fly (Diptera)
Antlion (Neuroptera)
Longhorn beetle (Coleoptera)
Ichneumon (Hymenoptera)

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