Glorious Scarab


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This listing is for a single unsexed larva of Chrysina gloriosa (formerly called Plusiotis gloriosa). Larvae feed on decaying hardwood substrate (sold separately). These are considered by many to be the most beautiful beetle in the US. They go through 3 larval instars (L1, L2, L3) before pupating and emerging as adults. Larval lifespan is about a year on average. These larvae are well along their way, but typically they would mature out in the summer months.

More photos at where they simply and uniquely describe the identification of this beetle as “unmistakable”.

They can be successfully pupated without clay but more and more successful keepers are using it to line the bottom inch or so of the enclosure later as the larvae approach metamorphosis/pupation. Here is an Amazon Affiliate link (we get a small commission on your purchase) for a product that we use and recommend: Georgia Red Clay


Glorious Jewel Scarab #beetle #insect #bug #shiny #scarab #littlemonsters

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