Agave Jumping Spiderling Captive Bred


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The Paraphidippus basalis Agave Jumping Spider is a large species that rivals regal jumping spiders but lives among agaves and similarly shaped plants in the Arizona Sky Islands. As they grow, a deep yellow-orange to red-orange band develops on their abdomen. They also have white speckles on their abdomens.

$29.99 for each young spiderling. Limit 2 per person (most have sold as of 7/10). Unsexed only.

Babies hatched in mid-May, 2024. They come out of the egg sac BIG and can actually take D. hydei fruit flies with no issue (versus regal jumping spiders that can barrrely eat a small D. melanogaster fruit fly without teaming up on it like a pack of wolves).

The prettiest US jumper? You can see photos of them at Bugguide through THIS LINK




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