Pet Jumping Spider Sling Habitat Kit



This Pet Jumping Spider Sling Habitat Kit works great for young jumping spiders, wolf spiders, tarantulas and other pet spiders. The world “sling” is short for spiderling–a young, immature spider.
One of the common mistakes people make in starting to keep young or small spiders is that they find themselves with an extra tank and think, “what can I put in here?” They decide, among the pet spider options, that they want an adorable jumping spider and that they want to raise it from a young age to experience its full growth and development. They get the young jumping spider spiderling and put it in the tank and discover rather quickly that the fruit flies are wayyy away from their pet and after an hour they stop watching to see if the spider got its meal and are left wondering if the fly simply died or if maybe their pet ate it. It’s not the experience the spider wants to have, or the keeper. And it is easily prevented!
This small container is an appropriate size for your baby spider. When you place a fruit fly or other feeder through the convenient trapdoor lid, it cannot escape and your spider will see it rather immediately, generating the desired feeding response. And yet, there is plenty of room for your young spiderling to molt and grow in this container. Though it is intentionally and necessarily small, any jumping spider could mature out in this tank. Note: many keepers would find such a container visually too small for an adult jumping spider. Rest assured, we have 3 sizes of affordable habitat kits for you to upgrade to as your jumping spider grows.
We provide the following base materials. Of course, you may want to make small modifications for your particular spider, and per your own decorative tastes.
This Pet Jumping Spider Sling Habitat Kit includes the following products as pictured (but does not include a spider or food for the spider).
  • One 7 oz square cup measuring 1.75 inches tall and 3.5 X 3.5 in wide
  • Trapdoor lid for easy feeding
  • Cross-ventilation holes prevent air stagnation
  • 1 appropriately-sized chunk/piece of cholla cactus wood–structural and decorative, and your spider my choose to hide in/under this
  • 1 fake flower (optional as to whether you add it in or not)
  • Substrate mix of sand and coconut fiber holds in some humidity (it lightens in color when too dry)

Photos coming soon but you can look at our similar but much larger Spider Habitat Kit in the related products below, as a frame of reference.

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