Golden Huntsman Spider Captive Bred Spiderling

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The Olios giganteus Golden Huntsman Spider is one of the largest US spiders. Like jumping spiders, they are not big webbers and rely on a wonderful sense of vision and also agility to capture their prey.

Huntsman spiders are easily in the top 5 non-tarantula pet spider groups! If you are a tarantula or jumping spider keeper, you just have to give these a go!

Currently offered as captive-bred babies. They feed on fruit flies right out of the sac, nooo problem! $9.99 ea

As adults, they are golden and fuzzy, bulky and with a legspan that reaches an impressive 2.5 inches. They are disinclined to bite and likely not very venomous, though individual reactions to bites may vary. I’ve handled many and seen others handle them and haven’t ever even seen them strike at a person though one person mentioned having been bitten, once.

They are wonderful climbers and like to sequester themselves away in a dark corner by day. At night they emerge to hunt and feed, although they will actively pursue their prey by day too.

(photo is of adult female)



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  1. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Peter was not kidding when he said, “ they feed on fruit flies right out of the sac…” The sling arrived very active, and upon throwing in some flies, the spider pounced onto the nearest one! So far so good!

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