Pet Spider Habitat Kit


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This Pet Spider Habitat kit works great for jumping spiders, black hole spiders, wolf spiders and young tarantulas. 
We provide the following base materials. Of course you may want to make small modifications for your particular spider species. Burrowing tarantulas, for example, may want more substrate (substrates are sold separately on this website).
This spider habitat kit includes the following products as pictured (but does not include a spider or food for the spider).

New, larger and improved habitat kit as of 11/01/22!

  • One 80 oz square cup with a trapdoor lid for easy feeding
  • Cross-ventilation holes prevent air stagnation
  • 2 pieces of 4 to 6 inch cholla cactus wood (structural and decorative)
  • 1 fake flower
  • Substrate mix of sand and coconut fiber holds in some humidity (it lightens in color when too dry)



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