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This mantis habitat kit includes the following products as pictured (but does not include a mantis or food for the mantis). Please note that if you are ordering livestock and selecting overnight shipping we can only fit 2 into the shipping box. For orders of more than 2 containers (and no live specimens), choose non-living priority mail shipping please.

  • 32 oz deli cup with poly-fiber lid with molting patch
  • Glued in flowers (color varies)
  • Coconut fiber substrate

This Mantis Habitat Kit includes everything you’ll need to successfully raise a young mantis nymph for the first three to four months of its life (large species), or for the entire life for smaller species like flower mantises and ghost mantises. The early instars (L1 to L4) are the critical growing stages where difficulties sometimes arise for the novice keeper. Most of these issues are attributed to three factors: (1) Inappropriate sized cage (the mantis isn’t near to its food), (2) Lack of humidity (the mantis has difficulty shedding/molting its skin. (3) Insufficient molting surfaces (for when they shed their skin to grow).

This product bundle will take the guesswork out of setting up your first mantis pet’s enclosure by dealing with these problem areas. First, it is the correct size for a cage for young mantises. For smaller to medium species they can actually complete their entire series of molts through to maturity in this cage (for example, ghost mantises). The lid on this 32 ounce insect cup provides all the necessary ventilation for your pet but not so much that all the humidity will escape from the cage. Additionally, we have glued a strip of mesh to the underside of the lid to provide a textured surface for your mantis to molt from. We ship a “cutting” of fake flowers already-glued to the inside of the cup (as pictured). We don’t guarantee any particular color to be in stock and ship random colors in general. However, you are welcome to ask for a particular color if you would like to. Just include a note when you go through checkout in the “instructions” field and pick, perhaps, two colors of your preference and we’ll try.

Substrate is a very critical component of your pet’s cage because it not only provides a natural looking ground layer that helps to disguise the presence of tiny bits of frass (insect excrement), but more importantly it helps to maintain humidity in the cage. Coconut fiber packs down fairly densely and feeder insects are less likely to have small nooks to hide in than some other substrates. We ship enough to line the bottom of your cage three times over. This allows you to change the substrate a couple times during your pet’s growing stages if you wish to. And remember to wet down the substrate 2 or 3 times per week, or as needed. Not dripping wet but enough to raise the humidity in the container. This is more important if your mantis has not shed its skin in a while, and less important if it has very recently.



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Weight .15 lbs
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Coconut Fiber, Sphagnum Moss


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