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$6 for 200 pupae.

House flies, Musca domestica, are great feeders for many things, especially small to medium mantis nymphs that may be less interested in crawling foods. They arrive in the convenient life stage (pupae…sort of like cocoons) in the photo above and then hatch out as adult flies usually within a few days unless you place them in the refrigerator. Hatch times vary depending on how developed they are when we ship them. Sometimes they hatch en route and particularly on warm days.

Simple to use. Just add as many pupae to your pet’s enclosure as you wish. Warmer temps will cause them to emerge more quickly. You can refrigerate all or a portion of your pupae if you want them to last longer but they do have a shelf life. They need to be removed from the fridge for a few hours every other day or so, ideally. This helps their development into adult flies to continue. And then, once hatched they can also be stored in the fridge to prolong their lives. A bit of sponge dipped in sugar water will give them a little energy and also lengthen their adult life span.


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