Large Whirligig Beetle


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These large whirligig beetles are in the genus Dineutus. Along with sunburst diving beetles, which can live with these, this is our top water beetle recommendation. They are very active and entertaining and occupy that upper level of the tank in a way that other water beetles do not. It makes for a very fun to watch tank!

$5 each and overnight shipping is highly recommended. Limit 4 per customer.

We simply drop various dead or dying bugs in their tanks like crickets, moths or roaches and they predate them. We also use live prey like fruit flies which are easily caught in the surface tension of the water.

These live in freshwater and their almost constant antics of making circles in the water is very entertaining, especially in the context of communal tanks with other aquatic insects where these occupy the very surface of the water which gives dimension to your tank. Occasionally, and if startled, they do dive down below the surface but otherwise spend all their time resting on the top of the water. It is believed that they are able to see both above and below the surface of the water with their unique eye structure.

Because they breathe air through their abdomens water quality isn’t the same issue with them as it is with fish, etc. Provide a small bit of floating material in the tank for them to hold onto.

Bugguide.Net has some photos of: Dineutus



Top layer of the aquatic insect tank! #insects #aquarium #fyp #foryoupage #Videoleap

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