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Backswimmers live in freshwater creeks or ponds, etc. This listing is for larger backswimmers. Despite being communal with each other, these aquatic insects don’t make great tankmates with many other species because they are highly predatory on things smaller than themselves, though they seem fine with larger diving beetles like Thermonectus spp.

Overnight shipping is highly recommended for these. Want more specimens? Ask!

Because they breathe air through their abdomens, water quality isn’t the same issue with them as it is with fish, etc. Provide a small bit of floating material in the tank for them to hold onto. These predators suck the juices from small prey. We also offer them pellet food (see link below) and sometimes drop frozen fruit flies in.

Current specimens are subadults or (more usually) adults with indeterminate remaining lifespans. Adults have a lifespan of about 1 year. Do not release the adults into your backyard pond features or outdoors, etc. They do not belong there. They will likely fly away and are not native to your area.



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