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Water striders, like whirligig beetles, occupy the surface of bodies of freshwater. These predatory insects often congregate in wider spots, like pools, and wait for various other insects to either land or fall into the water. And then they masterfully skate across the surface and snap up their meals.

We feed them with fruit flies and house flies that we simply drop on the water’s surface.

Available as adults for $3 each. Limit 2 per customer.

We recommend that you choose overnight shipping. We ship them in moist sphagnum moss. Because they breathe air through their abdomens, water quality isn’t the same issue for them as it is with fish, etc.

Do not release the adults into your backyard pond features, etc. They do not belong in your local ecosystem and may cause harm to your native balance of species.

More info and photos of this family of insects can be found at Bugguide.net



Top layer of the aquatic insect tank! #insects #aquarium #fyp #foryoupage #Videoleap

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