Square Deli Cup Nano Terrarium



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This product can ONLY ship with priority mail orders due to its size. If you order it with express mail as the shipping option (for live material shipments) I will refund you $2.99 per terrarium. 

These cages are suitable for a specimen or two or three of smallish pet bugs. 2 death feigning beetles, for example or some young roaches. A young mantis or small scorpion, jumping spiders and other spiders or tarantulas, etc.

As noted in pictures, this listing is for the empty cup and lid, only. (no bark, moss, substrate)

These square cups + lid have a volume of 24 ounces and measure 4.5 inches x 3 inches.
Ventilation holes are molded into the side of the cup so there are not any sharp edges. The small holes keep out flies, or keep in feeder fruit flies, etc.
The flip lid makes for easy feeding and watering for housing animals like tarantulas.

$2.99 each

This product can ONLY ship with priority mail orders unless you want to pay extra to add it to express.

Here is an example terrarium that I made for some sawtoothed millipedes using one of these cups for my YouTube Channel.

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Weight .15 lbs
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