Sunburst Diving Beetle


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The Sunburst Diving Beetle, Thermonectus marmoratus, is probably the most spectacular US diving beetle species. Though not as large as some of the other US species their yellow-gold spots make them the prettiest.

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An awesome aquatic insect that feeds on live prey considerably larger than themselves, including crickets and roaches (and live fish and tadpoles in nature). We simply drop various dead or dying bugs in their tanks like crickets, moths or roaches and they predate them. We prefer moths or house flies since they float, but also supplement them with small fish food pellets (also available on this site).

These live in freshwater. Because they breathe air through their abdomens water quality isn’t the same issue with them as it is with fish, etc. Provide a small bit of floating material in the tank for them to hold onto.

We guarantee live arrival on these wild caught beetles with overnight shipping, but nothing thereafter. If DOA, you will be refunded for the specimen but not shipping, so buyer beware. Please select overnight shipping for this species.

Aquatic Insect Tank Set up Care Sheet. Click Here!

A video from my YouTube Channel


Also, they appear in this video from my @bugsincyberspace TikTok channel…


Diving beetles and other aquatic insects in the aquarium are fun to watch #aquaticinsect #freshwateraquarium #aquariumhobby #divingbeetle

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