Hook’s Wandering Spider


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Hook’s Wandering spider is Lauricius hooki and is in the family zoropsidae. Current specimens have a legspan 1/2 inch or so and grow to about 1.5 inches, give or take.

They are nocturnal hunters that rest on the trunks of trees, waiting for passing prey. They hide under bark by day or in burrows that they probably occupy, rather than dig themselves.

Some moisture in the substrate is recommended, and a piece of bark perhaps oriented vertically for them to rest on.

Like most spiders, they eat anything smaller than them. Ideal prey size tends to be about the same size as their abdomen. We are feeding them house flies or small red runner roaches.

We do not recommend handling anything that can bite you and though they are not known to be of medical significance, it is possible this hasn’t been studied since these spiders have never been seen in the hobby before.

Photos at Bugguide.Net.


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