CB Phidippus tyrrelli Jumping Spider Spiderling


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Now offering captive bred Phidippus tyrrelli spiderlings. We are not 100% sure of the identification on this species from Northern Arizona but have included a photo of the mother on this page so that you can make your own determination with, um, more confidence than we have. The photo was taken after she laid the sac.

These are 2nd to 3rd instar and feeding just fine on D. melanogaster fruit flies for a month+ now.

$14.00 each. They hatched May 11, 2024. Happy Birthday!

We cannot sex them as they haven’t taken on their sexual colorations or characters yet.

This is one of the more sensitive-in-shipping species we offer, perhaps because they are so visual. Fedex overnight shipping is highly recommended, per the terms of service page.

More photos on Bugguide.net

Check out my YouTube video below and subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


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