Agabus Diving Beetle


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Agabus is a genus of small to medium sized diving beetles about 7 to 9 mm long. Though not very flashy, they add a component of diversity to your water beetle tank and that without fail always makes a tank more interesting!

We are not 100% sure we have correctly identified these into the correct genus of Agabus, but they look very much like the ones at this link on

Unless you have a very small aquarium and want a “nano” vibe for your set up (see related products below), we recommend that you keep these with other diving beetles and aquatic insects we offer separately. They will live very well with them.

Overnight shipping is highly recommended, especially if temps in transit will be near freezing at night when planes land, or over 83 degrees.

These beetles always seem to find food in our communal tanks. We drop dead insects and fish food pellets (related products, below) into our communal tanks that include these active, little beetles.


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