Phidippus Jumping Spider


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Medium-sized specimens of Phidippus. We aren’t entirely sure what species these are and since they vary a bit in the way they look, we don’t want to post a photo (and won’t take photos of any individual specimens, sorry). Take your chances on one of these smallish to medium black and reddish jumping spiders. Also, not sure if they are juveniles or adults since we cannot necessarily identify them. Wild caught. I harvested them from the grasses in my yard before I rode my lawnmower around.

Best guess is Phidippus carneus. Abdominal markings in this species varies rather widely and they look similar to other species in our area of Arizona and so we’re not 100% sure on the identification of these. That could be good news or bad news for you but they are here for your enjoyment in either case.

Sold unsexed. 1 per customer.

Fruit flies or house flies are recommended, though they will take down other types of prey of similar size. We are feeding them house flies.

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