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Daphnia are small crustaceans that are very easily raised as feeders for other predatory aquatic pets and this Daphnia Starter Kit comes with 100 count living Daphnia and a few months’ worth of food including 6 algae wafers and a small 2 X 2 inch Ziploc bag of yeast. There are usually ostracods along with the Daphnia which pretty much perform all the same feeder and cleaner services.

This is a helpful foundational product for all aquatic insect tanks with predaceous diving beetles, backswimmers, and other predatory or scavenger insect pets. Daphnia also work to eat algae and as a clean-up crew to some degree. When they die, they too become food for other organisms in the tank including all the necessary little microorganisms that you may not even be aware are part of your tank’s ecosystem/equilibrium.

We set them up in a gallon or so of spring water (tap water is probably fine) and then sprinkle a few grains of brewer’s yeast on the water’s surface every couple of days and the tiniest bit of an algae wafter. Both of these products are included in this kit (and also sold separately on this site as just a food product w/o the Daphnia).

If you have access to “green water,” that helps too but is not necessary. Green water can be found in buckets or other reservoirs of water outdoors. It may already be in your yard where algae has caused the water to look a translucent green color. We sometimes supplement their container with half a cup of this green water.

You are likely to see small offspring of your Daphnia produced within a couple weeks. They are very prolific!”



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