Phidippus apacheanus Jumping Spider Female


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The Phidippus apacheanus jumping spider is arguably the most attractive native jumper species in the United States. Males are very brightly colored, often two-tone and females are typically a orangey-gray color with black legs.

The specimen offered through this product page is an adult female. When I mow an acre of my property, I first clear it of jumping spiders that I can find. Better to share them than mow them. This is a wild caught specimen in that sense and more often than not these early fall specimens are gravid (pregnant) females. A good investment if you are a breeder and want to raise up spiderlings for resale. Limit one per customer. No guarantee on remaining lifespan. $50 each.

You can see photos of them at this Bugguide through THIS LINK and the specimen on the right approximates the general color of the specimens offered through this list.

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