Spiny Flower Mantis Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi

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The spiny flower mantis Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi is a species everybody must experience. They used to appear in the pet stores from time to time and have been circulating around the US hobby for 20+ years. They are larger than the Creobroter species we sometimes see, and with nearly twice the body mass. Better yet, they have more striping and little flanges all over their bodies. They were once popularly referred to as #9 mantises for the symbol-like pattern on their backs.

~L2/L3 or so nymphs (have shed their skin about 1 or 2 times). $15 each, unsexed. Feeding on fruit flies or house flies (related products below).

Click here for our mantis care sheet page.

Note that the photo is of an adult mantis. Mantises get their wings at maturity. See related products below.


My mantis Napoleon catches a ride with his bro. #napoleondynamite #mantis #millipede #insects #tiktokpets #tiktokpet #petsoftiktok #fyp #duetthis

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5 reviews for Spiny Flower Mantis Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi

  1. Genevieve Grizzell (verified owner)

    Came in PERFECT condition, they was on the little grabby spot on the ceiling of the delicup. Heatpack kept them perfectly warm. Precious little baby ate right after I got the cage set up.

  2. Veronica Berry (verified owner)

    I never seen a more stunning little mantis. She/he also ate right away once she arrived! Perfect!

  3. Javier Rodriguez (verified owner)

    My little guy came in healthy, and active. The same can be said for the flightless fruit flies. Service was great.

  4. insearchofsmallthings (verified owner)

    these mantises came in perfect condition and started eating immediately. they are so bold!

  5. kmaceyra (verified owner)

    Perfect happy little spiny nymphs!

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