Captive Bred Red Ramshorn Snail Pack


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This listing is for a 5 pack of young captive bred red ramshorn snails. Employing ramshorn snails into your aquatic insect tank not only adds another interesting organism with respect to diversity, but they help to clear algae that grows on various surfaces. They also seem to nibble on remains of other organic debris and waste. They might nibble on more delicate species of aquatic plants in your tank but we mostly see them gliding across the surface of plants and feeding on the algae that might grow on their leaves. This isn’t typically a problem unless you have a bloom of snails, which I consider to be a good problem to have as I’m continuously setting up more tanks! This can apparently be minimized by dropping some lettuce into their tanks or boiled vegetables, but we don’t do that.

$12 each for a 5 pack of young captive-bred measuring 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter. These snails are planispiral, in that their shells look like flat coils.

The snails can increase their population but are large enough to be scooped or picked out rather easily as they grow. Some hobbyists will crush the snails and use them as feeders. We prefer to sell them! 😉

They seem compatible in living with all the aquatic insects we offer on the website.

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