Daphnia Dry Food



This listing is for the dry food product we offer for your Daphnia. The Daphnia themselves are sold through a separate listing (related products below).

The product offered on this page consists of 6 algae wafers and a 2 inch X 2 inch baggie of brewer’s yeast, as pictured, for $2.99. This is what we feed our Daphnia cultures.

Simply sprinkle a few grains of brewer’s yeast on the water’s surface every couple of days and the tiniest bit of an algae wafer.

If you have access to “green water,” that helps too but is not necessary. Green water can be found in buckets or other reservoirs of water outdoors. It may already be in your yard where algae has caused the water to look a translucent green color. We sometimes supplement their container with half a cup of this green water.

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