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We are all booked up for 2022, but on this page you can sign up to be notified via email for when we open booking for the 2023 year. If you have any questions, shoot me an email. 2023 will offer a significant increase in both the number of people we can accommodate for these adventures and within the best and buggiest monsoon season months.

Sky Island Adventures, Bed Bug & Breakfast- We’ll guide you through the Madrean Pine-Oak Woodlands biodiversity hotspots & desert valleys between. You’ll have the option to be picked up at the airport in Tucson, about 45 minutes away, and we’ll whisk you away for four days and nights to the bug adventure of a lifetime! No worries, no planning, no guesswork. We’ll go your speed, whether you want a vacation or an adventure or something in between. Bugs, reptiles, birds, plants, desert habitat, sky island desert mountain habitat, and generally a whole lotta sunshine.

More information is available on the Booking Page, but don’t miss the info below on this page too.

We are located at 5000 ft. in cooler Sonoita, Arizona (Wine Country for those that want to bring a spouse less than interested in bugs) between the very best, and buggiest, Sky Islands in the United States. It’s not as hot here as people think, which is why I chose this area having moved in May of 2021 from Portland, Oregon. Check HERE to see our current weather and yearly weather patterns. We have 284 days of sun per year. High temps in our hottest month, July, are 91.6 on average but this is also the month that the life-giving rains arrive and rains=plants=bugs! Don’t worry, we have air conditioning in the guest houses and since we are at elevation it cools off very nicely at night. In December and January, we see highs of 60 degrees (and sunny) on average, and we can drive several directions in less than an hour to get to “the real desert” where it is usually perfect hiking weather in winter months. We get about 20 inches of rain per year here in Sonoita, mostly in July/Aug (monsoon season).

Get on the list (above, top left) to be notified when we open up scheduling. It won’t lock you into anything. It just means we’ll send you an email when we open up scheduling. For those that want to see some bugs in the offseason and perhaps just get away from your local rain and cold and visit sunny Arizona, we’ll probably offer offseason time as well. It is very likely, based on feedback/interest already, that the best weeks/months for observing bugs will get booked quickly and so if you’re interested in scheduling the best time slots, you’ll want to sign up on this waiting/notification list and give yourself a competitive edge for those weeks/months. I’ll later provide information about what the best times are to see particular (popular) things.

Be sure to check out our regular posts about the new business on Instagram @sky.island.adventures

Rus Wilson from the YouTube Channel Aquarimax Pets came down for a visit in July, 2021 to experience the new business with us. Please check out his (Part 1 of 3) video below about his time here with us, and be sure to subscribe to his buggy channel on YouTube!



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