Sky Island Adventures Booking

 399.99 / Night

Booking assumes exactly 2 people for exactly two nights. Add a 3rd and 4th person further down this page.
399.99 / night


We are ALL booked for 2022, sorry. You can sign up to be notified when we open booking for 2023 at this page/link:  2023 Notification List

Please contact us via email if you’d like more information about any of this.

This is a day and night adventure! Daytime activities include exploring at your comfort level in multiple locations as we drive you to the Santa Rita Mountains, near to our property. And then at night we go black lighting which is demonstrated in the video at the bottom of this page (excluding mid-October to Dec when it gets colder at night, but Sept through Oct are best for sheer numbers of butterflies and various other things). The adventure begins when you get off the plane and we’ll hit up a spot on the 45 minute drive back to your accommodations here on property. Day 1 we will explore some of our favorite local spots to look for bugs, with meal breaks. Night 1 we will set up the black lights to draw in insects. Nights will end on average at around 11 PM although we’ll leave wiggle room in both directions, at our discretion and per your level of comfort. Day 2 we’ll go back out and adventure in new spots, and Night 2 we will set the black lights up in a different spot. All this is done to maximize the diversity of organisms we encounter and the memories you take home!

A few simple things to know:

  1. You must select two nights (a Thursday and a Friday, OR a Friday and a Saturday) for your adventure and we require a party of 2 people at a minimum this first year. You may add a 3rd and 4th person (at least one adult required).
  2. A 25% deposit is required to hold your reservation. It is refundable up until 21 days before your stay (minus 3% for processing fees). After 21 days, you can still cancel but we will not refund your deposit. You will be responsible for paying the remaining 75% balance on payment 21 days before your arrival date. We will contact you at the 21 day mark for that balance due.
  3. We are able to pick you up at the Tucson, Arizona airport for an extra fee, noted above. We will make one trip to the airport to pick up your group, and one for drop off. If some flights in your party arrive earlier we will drive to the airport when the last person lands. We can offer suggestions for ways to pass the time. We will work with you to accommodate the flight times/planning which admittedly can be a bit complicated. Some people will stay in Tucson or vicinity extra days and rent a car outside of the service we are offering, and this will possibly simplify your overall trip.
  4. We will provide all meals and reasonably accommodate your dietary preferences during your stay with us. Some or all of these meals will be on the run. It’s not fancy, it’s food!
  5. The best months are July, August and September. The further you get from that peak in the season, either before or after, the less you will see.

After you make your purchase we will contact you to plan the finer details of arrival, departure and everything in between. We will send a list of everything you will want to bring (we will provide most everything related to the adventure). You will be asked to review and sign waiver of liability forms for each attending person and all children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Rus Wilson from Aquarimax Pets came down in the summer of 2021 and documented his adventure with us in three videos. The first video appears below and the others are on his YouTube Channel.



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