Phidippus asotus CB Spiderling


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Now offering Phidippus asotus CB spiderlings. Though mother’s can throw reds and other colors when their abdomens are filled with eggs, the young spiderlings we are offering here are cryptic in coloration with shades of gray, black and sometimes white.

Offering 2nd or 3rd instar P. asotus at $14 ea, sold unsexed. They have a nice coloration despite being so young. They are solid feeders on D. melanogaster fruit flies (linked below) and we recommend our new spiderling habitat kits for these little ones.

No tarantula can compare with the antics of a jumping spider in terms of entertainment. Studies have been done documenting the “intelligence” of these spiders as they strategize their attacks on prey. You can almost see them thinking as they direct their large eyes back and forth planning their next leap, even series of leaps to their destination.

Photos of this species can be found on Bugguide, here. Specimens are usually grayish brown with some black and white markings.


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