Captive Bred Phidippus octopunctatus


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Update: 11/29/23 Soon offering Captive Bred Phidippus octopunctatus pet spiderlings. Expected to be ready for shipping as slings in 2nd week of December.

These natives are one of the largest species in the US though these are young, very small specimens. When they are born they are larger than the more familiar Phidippus regius (regal jumpers), and some of those who study spiders claim these are larger than regals but scientists tend to measure spiders in terms of body length rather than leg span, like hobbyists do. I’ve seen some monster regals!

$12.99 each.

This listing is for small, 2nd to 3rd instar captive-bred Phidippus octopunctatus. They are stable and currently feeding well on wingless Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies (sold separately in links below) even though these flies have approximately the same mass as them. We cannot sex them as they haven’t taken on their sexual colorations or characters yet.

This is one of the more sensitive-in-shipping species we offer, perhaps because they are so visual. Fedex overnight shipping is highly recommended, per the terms of service page.

Check out my YouTube video below and subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


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