Pet Spider Habitat Kit



This caging product will ship separately by slower priority mail and includes shipping funds built into the product cost.

There are 3 different kit types (spiders sold separately):

  • Type 1, “dry habitat”: for jumping spiders, lynx spiders and other arachnids less reliant on webbing for prey capture. Tank as pictured, includes substrate and piece of cholla wood.
  • Type 2, “moist habitat”: for spiders and young tarantulas or other arachnids that require more humidity. As pictured, includes substrate/moss, flower and cork bark hide.
  • Type 3, “burrowing habitat”: for burrowing spiders and young tarantulas or centipedes that like a deeper substrate to burrow into. As pictured, deeper substrate and cork bark hide.

This product bundle will take the guesswork out of setting up your first pet spider’s enclosure by dealing with these problem areas. It is the correct sized cage for small spiders and young tarantulas. The lid on this 32 ounce cup provides all the necessary ventilation for your pet but not so much that all the humidity will escape. We ship a “cutting” of fake flowers for two of the habitats (see above). It is optional whether you use them or not. We don’t guarantee any particular color to be in stock and ship random colors, in general. However, you are welcome to ask for a particular color if you would like to. Just include a note when you go through checkout in the “instructions” field and pick, perhaps, two colors of your preference and we’ll try.

Substrate is a very critical component of your pet’s cage because it helps to maintain humidity in the cage. Remember to wet down the substrate to the degree necessary. Humidity levels and temperatures within your own home may affect how frequently the substrate in your pet’s microhabitat needs to be watered. Not dripping wet but enough to raise the humidity in the container is the goal.

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Dry Habitat, Moist Habitat, Burrowing Habitat


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