Motyxia Bioluminescent Millipede


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Motyxia measure about an inch to 1.25 inches at full size. They not only glow under UV light but they are bioluminescent!

Their pale coloration warns of their toxicity. Handling them results in fairly strong chemical smell. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and obviously don’t put them in your mouth or allow your other pets to eat them, etc.

We first introduced these to the hobby in 2016. A few people reported getting eggs from them but weren’t able to hatch them. We know little about their care in captivity but have been having some success in keeping them in a planted tank (see videos below) for up to six months at a time for a few individuals we practiced with again in 2022/2023 after many years of not having them again.

Millipedes require a substrate of mixed organic matter.

All millipedes are sensitive to shipping even on a mild day and so overnight shipping is hightly recommended for these.

Photo of the specimens glowing is not reflective of their bioluminescence which is a considerably fainter glow. This species ALSO glows even more brightly under UV light as in the other photo on this page.



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