Florida Ivory Millipede Chicobolus spinigerus

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The Florida Ivory Millipede Chicobolus spinigerus is perhaps the best pet millipede species in the hobby. Life span is reported up to ten years. They are the most highly recommended beginner’s species. Size of available specimens varies around the one to two+ or so inches mark and they grow to around four inches in length. They are attractive and more active on the substrate surface than many other hobby species.

Their black and white banding reminds me of a backgammon board with its series of up and down triangles along the segments.

Millipedes require a substrate of mixed organic matter (see related products, below).


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Ivory Millipedes are featured at the 08:20 mark in the following video.

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2 reviews for Florida Ivory Millipede Chicobolus spinigerus

  1. ladyowa79 (verified owner)

    I ordered 4! I got them alive and happy, they were all different sizes and one had the most lovely tint of pink ever. I love them so much and they went right into their new home with my other millys.

  2. Fennel (verified owner)

    I got one of these! They arrived happy and healthy, and have been a wonderful pet for the past few months. They’re super friendly and easy to take care of. I also ordered the millipede substrate and it’s perfect for them.

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