Imperfect Tiger Centipede


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Please note this listing is for an IMPERFECT specimen. Sometimes we get ones in that are missing a bit of antenna or a leg, or sometimes a bit of both. The specimens we sell through this listing are judged to be healthy and with no overall impacts as a result of the imperfection, and they are offered at a discount vs the normal price.

Current specimen measures at about 1.5 inches and is missing one terminal leg. This is likely to grow back to some extent, maybe/probably completely, through subsequent molts.

Scolopendra polymorpha SW Tiger Centipedes are a great beginner’s species. Colors on this widespread SW species vary. They like a slightly moist substrate despite being a desert species. These are venomous but not considered more painful than a bee sting. They are very fast and move erratically. Not a good pet for small children.

Grow up to 5 inches or more.

In the video below you can see a normal color form of this species (banding often becomes more distinctive with age) at the 9 minute, 45 second mark.


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