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Glowspot roaches are one of the most sought-after roaches in the hobby and not too easy to come by. Spots on Lucihormetica subcincta males glow in the wild. While they don’t do this in captivity, probably from a lack of the appropriate bacteria, they are still one of the most striking roaches in the hobby. They are non-glass climbers as nymphs, though adults will climb. They are one of the best species in the hobby for handling as they don’t move terribly quick and the adults don’t exhibit the “evasive maneuvers” common to most Blaberus spp.

1 cm or so nymphs, unsexed. This species grows slowly and lives a long time. $7 ea

Roaches love jelly products which are healthy, clean, don’t spoil and don’t attract pests or mold like rotting fruit sometimes does, particulary during warmer months of the year. I also offer mine fish food pellets in small amounts for protein and other nutrients. These small pellets disappear quickly and prevent attraction of mites, etc. Subtrate in your roach tank provides both nutrition and humidity for your pets. My roach care sheet is located here.

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