Oak Flake Soil Cup


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One small deli cup with 3.75 ounces of 100% medium to soft decay oak wood flakes. This is the premium grade product we use to raise all our rhino, stag and Chrysina larvae before offering them up for sale. It is also eaten by many other kinds of arthropods including millipedes and isopods. It consists of finely ground fermented oak wood mixed with finely ground wild collected oak wood. It is freeze-treated. $3 per cup. You are welcome to drop your larvae directly into these cups. It is a great sized “home” for most first and second instar larvae and even a decent temporary enclosure for many 3rd instar (the last instar/state before they pupate) larvae. If you do plan to put a larva directly into the cup you will want to punch a couple holes into the lid, but from the inside-out. I typically use a thumb tack and of course it creates sharp and abrasive little nubs as it exits the plastic. Better that those are on the outside of the cup than on the inside where your pet might rub against them.


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