Creeping Water Bug


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The creeping water bug attains a size of about 1 to 1.5 centimeters. These are merely a novelty offering to the hobby in the area of aquatics because that sector of the hobby is just so poorly supported through online suppliers.

We believe the species for these is Ambrysus occidentalis, but no guarantee. Photos are linked below. Present specimens are adults. Small foods are recommended. We offer small roaches or house flies (sold separately).

These live in freshwater. Because they breathe air through their abdomens water quality isn’t the same issue with them as it is with fish, etc. Provide a small bit of floating material in the tank for them to hold onto. These are offered cheaply and please note we offer no live guarantee on these wild caught aquatic insects.

These do have a mild venom and it hurts a bit if they bite you. Buyer beware!

Bugguide.Net has some photos of the species we think these are, but not guarantee, sorry. The following link is just for general reference: Creeping Water Bugs.


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