Christmas Warrior Beetle


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The Pasimachus viridans Christmas warrior beetle, is resplendent in their metallic green and red adornments. Measuring over an inch in length, these are perhaps the most attractive and sought-after ground beetle in the country as dead stock specimens. These are the prettiest, in my opinion, of the eleven US Pasimachus spp.

Warrior beetles are some of our (US) largest ground beetles. If the military were going to design robotic beetles with stealth technology, they’d undoubtedly have a very similar body plan. Low to the ground, covert killers, these beetles dispatch anything in their paths. In captivity they feed on small crickets and other common feeder bugs like a mealworm cut in half or roaches. They are quicker to take larger prey if you slightly disable the feeder insect.

Adult beetles. Remaining life span unknown. Live arrival guarantee per terms of service, but nothing beyond that.

Limit one per customer (low inventory).

Care? Slightly moist, sandy substrate with some dirt mixed in, ideally. Low ventilation. Something to hide under. They eat small, soft-bodied prey though they’ve been known to take down larger prey too.


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