Harlequin Beetle Larva


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In this listing we offer a Harlequin beetle larva. Gymnetis thula is a decent sized and colorful scarab flower beetle. This listing is for larvae, the immature form. This species does really well in captivity. Larvae live in and feed on a substrate mix of decaying hardwood and leaves. Dried, crushed leaves (sold separately below) are the primary part of their diet though a slice of apple should be placed on top of the substrate every few days and removed before it spoils. We offer the leaf litter separately, in the links below. Sometimes we offer adults in a separate listing on this site, as well.

Adults are at their yellowest when they are allowed to dry out in the air for a bit, but they tend to live longer if they are kept in fairly humid conditions and reflect a slightly more greenish or darker coloration. This change in colors is a good gauge in whether you are keeping them at the right humidity level.

(Adults are sometimes also sold on this site in the related products section, below.)

Photo is of the adult beetle. They reach about 3/4 of an inch as adults.

Available as L2/L3 larvae at $9 each. These harlequin beetle larvae are communal and can be kept together, making them arguable the easiest to raise pet beetle in the hobby.



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