Cactus Longhorn Beetle


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The cactus longhorn beetle is a specialist feeder on cholla and prickly pear pads. You can purchase the pads at local Mexican grocery stores and some grocery stores. They are also rather affordable on Ebay. They can be stored in the freezer for many weeks and you just cut a little piece off for the beetles or just set an entire pad in the tank. The larvae eat pieces of the pads too.

This listing is for adult beetles in the genus Moneilema. See photos at link below. The specimens are sold unsexed and so you should get multiples if you want a chance at reproducing them. The video below shows how easy it is to get them to deposit eggs in a sand based substrate, like our desert beetle substrate sold separately. Both larvae and adults eat the same prickly pear pads. The specimens like to have something on top of the substrate like cholla wood (sold separately) to help them traverse loose sand.

Here is a video from my YouTube Channel. The tank of course does not need to be this elaborate.

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