Smooth Death Feigning Beetle

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Smooth death feigning beetle refers to 2 species from the SW USA and could refer to a third from Texas but they are rarely sourced. Typically they will be Asbolus laevis or Asbolus papillosus. Another fun nickname for them is Pop And Lock Beetles after the popular dance. Like their sister species the blue death feigning beetle, these put on a great show of being dead when disturbed and in all honesty, an even better show! When on their backs their legs often twitch back and forth like dying things used to do in Warner Bros. Cartoons. They have golden tufts of hair out near their toes that allows them to move better through the fine sand dunes they occur in.

$9.99 each

The smooth death feigning beetle can live with all the other desert beetles available on this website. Really one of the best desert beetles we get in and rarely available in the hobby! Two helpful videos from my YouTube Channel…



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Weight .15 lbs

2 reviews for Smooth Death Feigning Beetle

  1. Amy Monko (verified owner)

    The beetles arrived today and they are completely adorable. They were shipped so securely, and arrived safe and sound, and “awake” (not feigning death). They explored their new enclosure for a bit then found hiding spots, and about an hour later I put in some carrot and zucchini and a bit later they came out and ate! They seem to be settling in and doing well. Thank you so much!! I’m so happy about my new pets!

  2. Lisa Spinelli (verified owner)

    Peter is awesome communication was awesome. I will be ordering more soon.

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