Armored Darkling Beetle Eleodes armata


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The Armored Darkling Beetle Eleodes armata is our largest regularly available desert beetle. They are especially active in the tanks and very easy to care for. We highly recommend them as tankmates for blue death feigning beetles or other desert beetles. Body length is 3/4 to 1 inch on average and with the legs they look even larger. They are jet black with sort of a semi-glossy appearance and notable spikes on their legs.

$7 each.

Many keepers keep a jelly cup (related products, below) in the tank with them to provide a source of food that lasts a week or so and doesn’t spoil. Alternatively, some people spoon out just a bit of this jelly into a cup or on top of a flat rock and keep the remainder of the jelly cup in the fridge.

Note that the photo on this page is of a related, smaller species of darkling beetle. See photos of this species on

Tank set up and care video from my YouTube channel…



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