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Turkistan Roaches Shelfordella lateralis, formerly Blatta lateralis, and sometimes called Red Runners or Lats, are often regarded as the best feeder replacement for crickets. The youngest ones are comparable in size to pinhead crickets and the oldest have a mass similar to adult crickets. Best of all they are very hardy and unlikely to die even with only minimal care. If you’ve ever smelled a single dead cricket fouling the air in a tank, you’ll easily understand why many keepers of feeder roaches have made the switch to roaches.

Turkistans are not able to climb glass and have a very limited ability to climb dry plastic. An inch or so strip of vaseline rubbed at the top of the tank will thwart any individuals that do happen to make the unlikely climb that far. They don’t fly, though adult males (only) do gain wings with the final molt.

Room temperature is fine and even colder, though they do grow more quickly at warmer temps and are only likely to reproduce in temps above 80 to 85 degrees.

Feed them a little dried dogfood, fruits and vegetables or whatever. They really aren’t picky.

Mixed size “small” to medium nymphs are now available in a group of 25 for $10. (exact size available fluctuates on the basis of sales vs. reproduction/growth rates.) Also, mixed size “medium” to large are available at $12 for 25 (exact size available fluctuates on the basis of sales vs. reproduction/growth rates.) Choose size in the dropdown menu.

Roaches love jelly products which are healthy, clean, don’t spoil and don’t attract pests or mold like rotting fruit sometimes does, particulary during warmer months of the year. I also offer mine fish food pellets in small amounts for protein and other nutrients. These small pellets disappear quickly and prevent attraction of mites, etc. Subtrate in your roach tank provides both nutrition and humidity for your pets. My roach care sheet is located here.

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