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Cotinis mutabilis is the Green Fig Beetle. Available as shiny, metallic green adult beetles. Remaining lifespan is unknown, and no guarantees beyond arrival, but they are notably longer lived than Chrysina, on average. Getting eggs and raising larvae is relatively easy. Larvae can be kept together until mid-L3 or so. Older L3 larvae like to have their space and should not be disturbed by keepers or other larvae in the tank.

Adults feed on sugary liquids, sap/nectar, soft fruits. I feed them beetle jelly for the sake of convenience (sold separately, below). Larvae are not too picky and will feed on composted materials. They are often found in compost piles/heaps in yards where they occur. They may also be fed decaying matter of most things and are reported to eat cracked corn and other grain types of products, fruits, etc.

It is one of the largest US flower scarabs at around an inch. These are larger on average than the Eastern species, C. nitida. They are capable fliers and so you want to be careful in keeping a lid on the tank, especially in a warm room. They are active fliers under warm conditions.



One of the prettiest pet beetles, and easy to produce larvae #beetles #petbugs #insects #shinybeetle

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