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I updated the website just prior to 2021 and the people who buy blue death feigning beetle pets from me left many reviews on the old version of the website.  We were the first to offer these wonderful pet beetles to the hobby and the reviews for blue death feigning beetles are consistently great!

Lots of people getting on the waiting list for later in the Spring when they come back in stock in greater numbers. I will be listing them as available on this page at that time and sending out the emails where it will be first come first serve for you to get here.

The blue death feigning beetle is one of the most popular pet insects! We limit sales to one per customer until we restock in the spring/summer, sorry. (Consider the similar smooth death feigning beetles as an alternative or addition since they can live in the same tank. See related products, below.)

These popular beetles are known to live many, many years as adults. We are never sure of their age, however. Asbolus verrucosus’ common name comes from their ability to play dead when bothered. Blue death feigning beetles excrete a powder blue colored coating to protect them from the sun. These pet beetles are not picky feeders. Carrots, dried dog/cat food and various fruits or veggies are readily taken and hydrate them sufficiently. They don’t need additional humidity or water, though a piece of bark to hide under and an occasional squirt in the terrarium won’t hurt. A ventilated lid is recommended.

If they get wet they turn a flat black color, but their ghostly, pale blue coloration reappears after they dry out a few weeks later. These are very active beetles, great for display and safe to hold in your hands! They prefer a dry, sandy substrate as dirt may begin to accumulate on their legs and feet if it’s too moist. They are not able to climb glass or plastic tank walls.

$13 each.

Read about and even contribute to the Blue Beetle Genome Project!



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