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This listing is for a SMALL sized Goliath Beetle Adult Male, and it is priced accordingly. There is some variation in terms of millimeters between specimens we ship in the “small” size range.

Goliathus goliatus. Goliathus goliatus. Don’t you just want to say it over and over again? Somebody pinch you, it’s true. The day has come.

*Limit 1 Per Customer. We will list them one at a time and so if you miss out, you might write in for an update.

We are selling SMALL adult males through this listing. This is still a very large beetle, by US standards. A healthy, live beetle will arrive. We do not guarantee health beyond that first day, sorry. If you want to know if your beetle has a nice strong handshake on arrival, hold it (be careful, actually…they don’t let go)! We don’t really advise holding them as they really dig in and can hold on crazy tight. Do not, DO NOT put them on your face!

A living adult Goliath Beetle is a universally rare item. Dead specimens themselves are very valuable as you can see on Ebay. Limit one per customer. We have to send this in a larger box and so some of the cost of shipping is built into the cost of the specimen.

(No females, sorry.)

As adults we feed them banana and provide them a couple inches of moist but not wet substrate. Room temp is fine in the 70’s. Put some sticks or bark on the substrate to keep the beetle from losing their footing and ending up on their backs where they may tire themselves out.

Thanks to the efforts of Steven Barney who worked to get this protein-feeding giant African beetle deregulated and then sourced and captive bred them here in the US. These have now been captive-bred in the US for several generations. We will send a printed care sheet with each order for this species.

We feed these adults ripe banana.

See an adult on my TikTok account here:


Goliath Beetle #kungfu #beetle #beetles #STEMlife #myhobby #PETthings #scienceforkids #edutok

♬ 50//50 (Edit) – Vantage

Watch the video below from my YouTube Channel to see an adult male at the very end of the video.


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