Giant Shield Mantis

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The Giant Shield Mantis we offer here is Rhombodera megaera. This mantis is prized for the enlarged oval shaped shield just behind their heads.

Larger than we usually offer them…sold as approximately L3/L4 or so immature nymphs (have shed their skin around two or three times). These are currently feeding on house flies and roaches but will take pet store crickets (see related products below). $18 each, unsexed.

(note: photo used on this page is not necessarily the species available but is the genus Rhombodera)

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4 reviews for Giant Shield Mantis

  1. Lyndsay Wilson (verified owner)

    Wonderful, healthy animal arrived. The heat pack was still warm and the mantis appears to be thriving. Wonderful customer service, and the YouTube channel is a total must-watch! Thanks again!

  2. Mateo (verified owner)

    The packaging was amazing! She came very healthy and ready to eat. I would highly suggest buying.

  3. iang1605 (verified owner)

    Arrived in good health and good size. Professional packaging

  4. F. (verified owner)

    The mantis arrived perfectly healthy and safe. I received him back in January and he’s been doing great ever since! Very inquisitive little animal and is an enthusiastic hunter.

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