Dynastes grantii Rhino Beetle


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This listing is for one Dynastes grantii rhino beetle larva. This is the longest, most impressive rhino beetle species in the United States. A larva is an immature (like the caterpillars that later become adult butterflies). These are in the grub stage that lasts 12 to 24 months. Available as L1 larvae (meaning first instar with L3 being the third and final, longest larval instar/stage). Larval sizes vary slightly. After a larva grows completely it pupates. A month or so later the adult beetle emerges. Photos of the larvae do not appear on this page currently.

These are available as captive bred larvae, unsexed at $18 each. I cannot determine gender on these immatures, so please don’t ask. Limit 6 per person from this first batch of 2021. More may come available in March.

The larvae feed on decaying wood from hardwood trees like oak, beech, alder, maple, ash, etc. They will ship in a small amount of substrate that could sustain them for a month but not allow them to “thrive”. You really should have a plan for acquiring the suitable wood before getting them. I do offer a premium oak flake soil product in the links below.

A whole book written on their care is also offered below. To sum it up in three words–wood and moisture.

Adults later feed on juicy fruits like apple, peach and pear but we usually offer them beetle jellies, also linked below.

The video below compares two nice sized males of the yellower D. tityus with the grayish male Dynastes granti in the first clip and then moves on to a breeding pair of D. tityus.



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